7 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Guests On Their Feet

March 21, 2017

Most reviews from couples who use MWES Weddings say things like "my guests have never danced that much at a wedding before," or "everyone raved about the music." Here are 7 tips to keep guests on their feet and tearing up the dance floor.


  1. Start the reception dancing with some oldies but goodies- It is weird to go right into "The Rockafellar Skank" upon completion of special dances or just after dinner. The Beatles' "Twist and Shout" is always a fun one, and a personal favorite.

  2. A good playlist has a good mix of songs - Barney Stinson once said, "...people think a good mix should rise and fall. But people are wrong. It should be all rise, baby!" Sorry to break it to you Barney, but a good wedding mix does have some slow songs. Lots of guests enjoy slow songs.

  3. Play an "audience favorite" to follow up a slow ballad - "Build Me Up Buttercup," "Brown Eyed Girl," "Don't Stop Believing" or pretty much any Bon Jovi song.

  4. Make sure people can dance to it - there are some amazing songs that are perfect for backyard BBQ's, hanging out at the bar or going on a boat. Most of those songs do not make good songs to dance to at weddings. Even some Top 40 songs make super-boring wedding playlist additions. 

  5. Play what your guests want to hear - we put a cute line on our RSVP cards that said "[insert song title here] will get me on the dance floor." Guests got very excited when they heard "their song!"

  6. Pick songs that you know your guests will enjoy - People thought I was nuts when I put "The Time Warp" on my playlist, but we had a lot of performers and theater people there, so everyone enjoyed it. My family loves The Beatles, so our last song of the night was "Hey Jude." It got my whole family on the dance floor one last time and made a beautiful memory for us.

  7. Don't use too many songs by the same artist - variety us the key here!

And Remember: Inside joke songs can end up in awkward empty dance floors.





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